writing adventures

writing adventures

journey to learn & network
We have a series of upcoming exotic cruises, excursions, and retreats planned for intimate groups of dedicated writers looking for a richer learning and networking experience. 

Writing is such a solitary pursuit, why not join with others to: 

Each adventure has its own unique form and flavor, shaped by the participants.  Writers  venture into unexplored creative territory with publishing leaders and discover new writing directions.  You'll have plenty of one-on-one time to connect with each of the Advisors, too, as there will be at least one Advisor for every ten writers.  With so much available to you, immersed in experiential learning, this is an opportunity to reach new heights with your writing.

We are currently combing through opportunities to find the perfect venues for writers to pursue their passions, work intimately with industry professionals, and discover literary friendships to last a lifetime.  Writing adventures may vary from a weekend to ten days, from mountains to beaches, from Canada to the Caribbean, and beyond - but they will always feature top-notch Advisors, comfortable facilities, and a variety of yummy eats.  They might prove mentally challenging, but only physically challenging if you want a change of pace from writing, such as checking out the ropes course, scaling the rock wall, or canoeing the lake at a retreat.  We work to provide a wide assortment of adventures throughout the year so you can discover one that's just right for you.  Maybe you'll find them so enriching and so much fun, you'll want to attend them all.

For example, you could study fiction with a bestselling novelist while in a sunny Caribbean resort, explore nonfiction techniques with a world-class journalist while on an exciting photo safari, plumb the depths of memoir in a mountain retreat, learn editing techniques from a senior editor at a cozy wine-country inn, or discuss marketing and publishing your work with agents and editors at a swanky Florida beachside hotel.  What sounds good to you?  Let us know.  We'll make it happen.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.” 
~ T.S. Eliot


Each time you take advantage of our resources - like exploring a writing adventure - we donate to writing and literacy charities such as writers conferences and reading programs. The more you do, the more good we can do, together.
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