about augustwords.org

Our vision is to connect you with the professional resources you need to explore the world of publishing, network with authors and publishing professionals, and advance your writing career.  We're about linking people to people, and using technology as the conduit.

We see many avenues ahead to facilitate your writer's journey.  Currently we offer enlightening writer-to-writer mentorships, stimulating literary speakers, and informed review of publishing contracts, plus we've made some of the most sought-after information available for free.  On the near horizon we'll also have workshops, retreats, competitions, editorial review, and how-to publications.  Along the way we'll add anything we find that could help you with productivity, creativity, and publicity - or just put a grin on your face.
about augustwords.org

an innovative network of resources for writers

our focus: write well.  do good.

Flatly stated, we give a damn.  We give back – in time, energy, and dollars to literary and literacy charities.  We are an independent, mission-driven, forward-thinking, innovative social enterprise company, measuring success through a triple bottom line, considering economic, environmental, and social factors.  As such we are socially responsible, always working to maximize our impact on society while minimizing our impact on our environment.  We are an offshoot of an international literary company founded in 2001 to operate on behalf of authors in their negotiations with legitimate, mainstream publishers paying advances and royalties.  In those years, as we worked quietly and exclusively, thousands of writers have been helped and significant time and money has been donated to dozens of writers groups and conferences.

Continuing in that spirit as a for-more-than-profit organization, an integral part of our work at augustwords.org is to partner with literary and literacy charities as we can accomplish so much more if we work with experienced Partners rather than just working alone.  Through our August Sharing Program we reinforce their work improving readers and writers on an international, regional, or local level.  You can join us in this ongoing international effort.  Each time you take advantage of any of our resources, we donate to writing and literacy charities such as writers groups, conferences, libraries, schools, and reading programs.  It's the august thing to do.
our mission: august writing 

Our mission is to discover, encourage, support, promote, and champion august writing and its creators.
In the execution of our goals we will:
We’ve created augustwords.org as a next-generation community of exclusive authors, editors, agents, publishers, and other media professionals who want to do their part to encourage and produce august writers.  We are engaged daily in the literary arts, in the creation and marketing of fine writing and publishing.  We want nothing less than to uplift the world with words.  It is what defines us and drives us.  

At the very heart of who we are and what we do, we are writers helping writers.
supporting literary & literacy charities

Each time you take advantage of our resources we donate to writing and literacy charities such as writers conferences and reading programs. The more you do, the more good we can do, together.
our resources: analysis, advice, awards, adventures 
"When the winds of change blow, 
some people build walls, others build windmills."    
~ Chinese proverb