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Seasoned author or eager novice, do you have a plan for your writing?  Are you swimming in a sea of confusion considering today's hurly-burly publishing world and where you fit in?  

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See if in your eagerness you've unknowingly committed one of these many sins:   
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Stop wondering what's true and what's not these days.  We focus, not on where publishing was, but where it is headed.  Where there is change there is opportunity.  Like all entertainment industries, publishing is not static. So requirements, fashions, and processes may seem to shift with the winds.  Relying on information that is out-dated or second-hand could prove embarrassing or costly to you - possibly even ending your career abruptly and unwittingly.

No shuck and jive here.  We are authors, agents, editors, and publishers working in publishing everyday, giving you the most timely, most relevant, most valuable information.  ​Plus, we believe in giving back generously - in time, energy, and dollars - to literary and literacy charities.
Nothing to join.  Choose what works for you.  Let savvy professionals set you straight, tune you in, and get you what you need to join them in publishing as a dedicated, producing, professional writer.  If you are serious about your writing, you will be taken seriously - no matter your age, writing credits, education, or how much you write. 
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